The Green Game Changer is an interactive website prototype providing an overview of the functionality and possible effects of a CO2 tax.
My Role
for the whole project
Web Design
for the Chapter »Cash or Charge?«
Information Visualization
UI/UX Design
Adobe XD
In the course »Klimagrafik« by Prof. Boris Müller we were challenged to develop an interactive infographic about ways to fight climate change. Since there are only few infographics online showing how a CO2 tax could work in an accessible way, we made it our task to create a concept for an interactive website which explains the topic step by step.
Sketch iterations and result for the chapter »How it works«
Sketch iterations for the visualization of the price increase in »What would change?«
Sketches and result for the chapter »What would change?«
Sketches and result for the chapter »Cash or Charge?«
We developed a visual concept and a prototype of the website to explain how a CO2 tax can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We illustrate in more detail how the system works and compare the price increase between different products and services. At the end we demonstrate how a yearly repayment could reward a sustainable lifestyle and discuss whether a CO2 tax could change the game on a global scale.
Website Prototype

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