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For my bachelor thesis project, I explored possibilities of empowerment for young queer people in the digital space.

During my research I noticed that most queer websites and magazines focus on people before coming out or on people who already »arrived« in queer life and the queer community. But what about people who are still finding out who they are? Thats where I identified a gap of support.

As a solution I investigated how a web platform where people anonymously share their experiences in the post-coming-out process could look like.
At first, I conducted a subjective analysis of aesthetic elements in queer culture to learn how to create queer design and actually inspire my target group. Secondly, I analyzed two other storytelling websites which present coming out stories, to see how platforms built on user-created content can be set up.

Then I applied my learnings from the pedagogical research of empowerment to the content strategy. I intend the platform to support self-reflection and self-discovery through personal accounts of experiences, as well as to explain the post-coming-out process in more detail.
Sketches for the mobile start page
Sketches for the mobile start page
Focus view for one story on the desktop start page
Focus view for one story on the desktop start page
Early sketches for the start page and story teasers on the overview page
In the end I decided for a very brave, loud and unconventional style inspired by the queer designs I studied. Instead of a grid or a menu I created a map view for all stories, with artefacts from queer life floating on top of everything. In that way I wanted to reference the confusion and adventure of the post-coming-out process.

I combined bright-colored backgrounds with contrasting shadows on the artefacts which serve as the key visuals. To the emphasize individuality of each story, I turned the story quotes into a typographical safari.

The start page works like a map where the readers can explore quotes and artefacts featured in the stories which will lead them to the articles

Each story page has its own color scheme and quote font

The info pages provide more knowledge about the post-coming-out process and invite readers to contribute to the project with their own stories

Since I found that young queer people use social media a lot to connect each other, their first contact with the project will mostly be on a smartphone. Thus, I made sure to build a prototype that is just as engaging and easy to use on smaller screens.

If you want to read more about my concept, research on digital empowerment and queer aesthetics, you can download and read my bachelor thesis as a PDF (text is in German).
Mobile Version
Desktop Version

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